Clarify Digital Eye Exam

Time To Look Deeper

At LensCrafters®, we believe there is always more to be seen. That's why we developed CLARIFY℠, our most innovative eye care experience. It's an exclusive, state-of-the-art digital eye exam experience that provides a precisely pinpointed prescription, customized to your needs. Not all eye exams are created equal. Experience a world of difference with CLARIFYE℠!

Precise Mapping

Our innovative exam provides a digital fingerprint of your eye, precisely mapping the curvature of your cornea. This offers a more comprehensive understanding of your eye health and vision.

5X More Data

CLARIFYE℠ eye exams measure five times more optical characteristics about your visual system-even pinpointing the smallest changes that can occur over time.

A Fuller Picture

Not only does CLARIFYE℠ offer a more comprehensive assessment of your eye health, it can help your doctor diagnose other health problems, such as diabetes and glaucoma.

Pinpointed Prescription

You're probably familiar with the question: "which is better: 1 or 2?” CLARIFYE℠ can help reduce the guesswork for most people by precisely pinpointing your initial prescription. It means less time answering comparative questions, and more time learning about your unique, precisely pinpointed prescription.

Round - The - Clock Sanity

For some, daytime and nighttime vision deserve two distinct prescriptions. Unlike other exams, CLARIFYE℠ measures the entire visual system- versus only a small portion of the pupil -helping doctors tailor prescriptions for different times of day. You get crisp vision by day, and reduced starbursts and halos around lights at night.

Just - Right Fit

Wear contact lenses- or considering them? CLARIFY℠ provides measurements of the curvature of the eye, which can enable the doctor to prescribe and precisely fit contact lenses for optimal comfort and vision- unlike traditional eye exams that can result in more trial and error.

For Eyes Of Every Age

Believe it or not: 1 in 4 children has an undiagnosed vision problem. But a comprehensive exam can help them start seeing clearly. CLARIFYE℠ eye exams are easy for the entire family-even young children -giving you a more comprehensive understanding of everyone's eye health and vision.

Less Guesswork Relying on your kids to describe their vision is a big ask. CLARIFYE's' initial digital measurement allows for a reduction in the minimum number of comparative subjective questions by up to 50%. It's easier for your child- and more illuminating for you.

Through Their Lens

You can even see a side-by- side simulation of your child's corrected and uncorrected vision, allowing you to see things their way-and giving you the confidence that they're seeing clearly.

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