Why the Best Eye Exams Use Optomap Retinal Imaging

Scheduling regular comprehensive eye exams is vital for keeping eyes healthy and essential for people of all ages. The eye exams can help detect signs of eye conditions before they become serious. 


During the exams, eye doctors conduct retinal imaging to check eye health. Imaging allows doctors to see behind the eye’s surface. Discover why the best eye exams use Optomap retinal imaging. 


Understanding Retinal Imaging 


Eye exams help detect undiagnosed problems before they worsen. The eyes are intricate three-dimensional organs that contain nerves, blood vessels, and other tissue. It is impossible to know what is happening in the eye through casual observation. 


Detailed imaging is necessary to examine the internal eye structure. Retinal imaging provides a way to observe the retina, retinal blood vessels, and optic nerve. Optomap imaging offers a wide field and high-resolution view of the retina.


Retinal Imaging Vs. Pupil Dilation


Pupil dilation has been around for decades. Traditional pupil dilation involves the use of eye drops. The pupil dilation allows the doctor to effectively examine the retina and optic nerve. Unlike retinal imaging, the test usually results in blurry vision and light sensitivity. 


Side effects can last a few hours, which can be very inconvenient. Retinal imaging offers a broader view; the process is painless and does not present side effects. After taking an image of the retina, the optometrist analyses it to look for potential issues. 


Why Use Optomap Retinal Imaging


The best eye exams use retinal imaging, and there is a good reason for this. It allows the specialist to view areas of the eyes that only advanced technology can access. The technology will enable doctors to detect eye diseases before they cause severe damage. 


Optomap retinal imaging provides 200-degree scanning that can help detect signs of conditions such as macular degeneration and glaucoma. Imaging allows specialists to understand the patient’s vision and internal eye structure. 


Benefits of Retinal Imaging


Including Optomap retinal imaging in eye exams has several benefits, including:


  • Ability to produce an excellent view of the inner eye

  • The exam is quick, comfortable, and pain-free

  • Allows eye doctors to examine the retina, blood vessels, optic nerve, and macula

  • The digital images can be stored and used for future reference or comparison

  • It can help detect conditions or diseases that are difficult to diagnose in the early stages


The Cost of Retinal Imaging


While most insurance plans cover dilated eye exams, they do not cover retinal imaging. It means that patients have to pay extra for the exam. Depending on your location and other factors, this extra cost usually ranges between $15 to $50.  


However, imaging can provide a different view or more information, making it worthwhile. Optomap retinal imaging allows doctors to detect subtle changes that may be difficult to see otherwise. 


While digital imaging is beneficial, there is still a place for dilated eye exams. Physically looking into the eye can provide valuable information. Using both tests can allow doctors to make the best health assessment. A comprehensive eye exam is vital to good eye health, and regular screening cannot replace it.


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