Who Should Consider Ortho-K and Why?

Do you suffer from myopia or any other type of refractive error? Would you like to stop depending on prescription eyeglasses? There is a way to improve your eyesight without having to undergo eye surgery.


What Is Ortho-K?

The science of vision correction continues to make huge strides since the invention of prescription eyeglasses. Nowadays, you will find a wide range of vision correction options. Ortho-k or orthokeratology is a non-surgical and non-invasive method of correcting vision.

People with irregularly shaped corneas should wear these specially-designed contact lenses overnight. The objective is to reshape the cornea to reduce nearsightedness. Also, there are new ortho-k lenses designed for patients with presbyopia and farsightedness.

Made of a gas-permeable material, these lenses keep your eyes comfortable. This will allow you to sleep peacefully. You may remove them when you wake up and enjoy better vision throughout the day. Ortho-k provides temporary vision correction. Thus, you will need to wear the lenses every night before you sleep.


Why Do Eye Doctors Recommend Ortho-K?

Usually, eye doctors prescribe these contact lenses for two main reasons. These are:

  • They can delay the progression of myopia in kids.
  • They can temporarily fix mild to moderate refractive errors.


Who Should Consider Orthokeratology?

Also called vision shaping, ortho-k is a great option for adults who need myopic prescriptions. Furthermore, it is a proven treatment option for farsightedness and presbyopia.

Kids as young as seven years old, with a family history of myopia, can also benefit from these contact lenses. The same applies to kids experiencing a sharp increase in nearsightedness. If you are active in sports and cannot wear contact lenses or eyeglasses during your sporting activities, ortho-k may be the best alternative for you.

Also, if you work in dusty or industrial environments, you may be a good candidate for these customized lenses. This vision correction option is also ideal for people who do not qualify for refractive surgery and those who fear surgery.


Get a Comprehensive Eye Exam to Determine Your Candidacy

Your eye doctor will perform an eye exam to determine whether these specialized lenses are a good option to manage your eye condition. The doctor will examine your ocular structures and map out your cornea to determine your current visual acuity.

A comprehensive eye exam will also establish the severity and type of refractive error you have. If you do not qualify for LASIK, ortho-k is a great alternative. You will need to see your eye doctor regularly to ensure your eyes are healthy and your contact lenses are fitting well.


What to Expect

Usually, it takes about two weeks or so to achieve the best vision correction from ortho-k. However, you may experience significant vision improvement within a few days. Before achieving your desired prescription, you may need a series of temporary orthokeratology lenses.

Once your corneas attain the desired curve, you will start wearing retainer ortho-k contact lenses according to your doctor’s recommendations. If you use these corneal reshaping lenses as directed, you should be able to maintain your vision improvements.

To learn more about ortho-k, visit Atlanta Eye Group at our offices in Atlanta and Kennesaw, Georgia. You can call (770) 727-0772 today to schedule an appointment.

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